Coping, repressing, OR BOTH? The Life Story

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french playstation ads, 2001

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How OK do you feel with your outfit being complimented in public? I get the impulse to do this now and again and I always stifle it because I worry I am going to make someone feel anxious or even scared. I think I would be OK with it myself if it were not some random guy in a place that made me feel vulnerable — I generally enjoy it when someone is like, “Hey, I like your ___!” — but obviously there is a line one can cross.

The last time I really wanted to be like WOW! That is an EXCELLENT outfit!! was when I was on my way home after work and this dude in the crosswalk had on a pair of boots and jeans so good I wanted to pull him aside and ask him where he got them. But then I realized that guy was Michael Pitt and I just kept walking O___O

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Anonymous asked: What do you do to make yourself feel better after someone has said something that hurt enough to make you cry? Nothing that was said was too cutting or personal, but enough to sting a bit and I can't shake the awful feeling that comes with it.

Distract myself until it doesn’t bother me anymore. Usually this means reading, listening to music, or talking with family about something unrelated.

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i-D magazine
the future issue
"the girl who fell to earth"
kiara kabukuru by craig mcdean

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Look what is coming along nicely in preparation for Fall! I stabbed myself under the nail with a safety pin and I can’t sew to save my life, but I am happy nonetheless. Still a work in progress.

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Anonymous asked: If you could only shop for 3 brands for the rest of your life which ones would they be?

Assuming infinite money? Rick Owens, Ann D, Rad Hourani. But at my current income level I couldn’t answer that question. I haven’t seen anything consistent enough to earn my loyalty.

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Sunday Times Style September 15th, 2013
Photographer: Tim Walker

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Anonymous asked: are your earlobes stretched? if so to what size?

Yes, and they’re at a 0.

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I plucked off half my eyebrows for last week’s photoshoot so I may as well have fun with them while I can.

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Anonymous asked: if you had to make the decision, shave off your hair or chuck the wardrobe?

I’d shave my head and buy a wig. I’m pretty attached to my hair but it didn’t cost me money to grow.

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Anonymous asked: have you ever considered shaving your head? I think it would look really cool on you.

God no, I would never. My hair is everything to me.

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Anonymous asked: My apologies if this a nosey query but how come your hair is falling out? Is it alopecia?

No, I figure it’s from my various vitamin deficiencies since my GI tract has spent many months infected and inflamed and thus rendered very bad at doing its job.

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Man, if I don’t bother to blow dry and style my hair you can really tell how much of it has just fallen out.

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